Louis Shanks of Texas Improves Facility and Generates Savings

Louis Shanks of Texas is proud to announce its most recent building and energy efficiency upgrades for the 2800 Fondren location in Houston, Texas.  Louis Shanks of Texas recognizes the importance of an energy efficient facility and understands the benefits it has on the environment, their operating budget and most importantly, customer comfort.

The well-known designer furniture store has upgraded to high efficiency air conditioning and heating systems, which incorporates a new highly efficient HVAC energy management system. In addition, the lighting systems in the general showroom, warehouse, loading dock and administration areas have also been upgraded with new efficient technology. The modifications performed will provide improved lighting quality, better comfort control and systematic management of the HVAC systems.

The program Louis Shanks of Texas has implemented will generate $148,000 in energy, maintenance and operational savings per year. The annual energy cost has been reduced by 25 percent, or $56,000 per year, which is equal to roughly 504,000 kWh per year!

Mike Forwood, President of Louis Shanks of Texas said, “We are excited about the upgrades we have made to our facility, creating a better environment for our customers and employees. The improvements were funded entirely through our energy and operational savings. We are thrilled we had the Way Companies to lead us through the process.”

Mike and Michael Forwood accept $56,000 Rebate check. Pictured Left to right: Michael Forwood, Mike Forwood, Trey Calvery


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