Faith Pasadena Assembly of God Receives A Rebate


Pasadena, TX— The Faith Pasadena Assembly of God’s ministry has something extra to smile about this year. The ministry received over an $18,000 rebate from Center Point for their energy efficient and energy conservation upgrades. The ministry installed the upgrades because they entered into a Performance Contract agreement with the Way Companies.

The Way Companies were founded in 1918. They are one of the largest and most experienced mechanical contractors in the state. The Performance Contract between the two provided the ministry with the ability to install the upgrades. The installations saved the facility money and, in turn, funded the improvements and their on-going maintenance. The retrofit was effectively self-funded by the savings.

Before the improvements, the ministry had inefficient lighting technology, inconsistent AC operation, and air distribution issues— among other problems. An audit gave proof to the ministry that the antiquated and obsolete equipment was a driving cost to the facility.

The facility now boasts a complete lighting retrofit, HVAC thermostats and controls, and on-going performance maintenance service for the HVAC equipment. The installation of these improvements will save the ministry upwards to $82,000 a year.

The installations are energy efficient and sustain the planet for future generations. Faith Pasadena Assembly of God particularly embraces the added benefit of the rebate check from Center Point. The congregation and staff are doing their part to be good stewards of the earth while receiving the advantage of a cleaner and healthier environment in their facility.

 Faith Pasadena Assemly of God

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