Lago Vista ISD to Save $95,500 a Year

Texas heat is unforgiving and often excessive. For Texans, it’s a small price to pay to live in the Lone Star State, but it doesn’t mean one shouldn’t get in front of the curve. Lago Vista Independent School District recently did just that. The district upgraded their facilities’ infrastructure, while simultaneously reducing the operational budget and increasing energy savings.

Lago Vista ISD has come a long way from the single building it was founded on back in 1895. Advancements in technology and the potential for savings in our current economic climate spurred the district’s decision to find a solution to the increasing cost drivers —much of which were a result of the outdated HVAC equipment the district was running.

After a vetting process, Lago Vista’s school board voted to approve a performance contract proposed by Way Companies’ Green Solutions Team. Way’s program was co-authored with Lago Vista ISD to ensure items important to the district were covered. Way Companies’ plan made energy-efficient improvements affordable and sensible.

The program included the replacement of 112 tons of HVAC equipment, a campus-wide lighting retrofit, installation of building wide automation systems, and an extensive recondition of the cooling tower. The installation and retrofitting of their equipment is one way the district is investing in their students.

The district is projected to save about $95,500 annually.

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