Way Will Save Bayou Bend Townhomes $74,000 A Year

Houston, Texas – Bayou Bend Town Homes is on its way to create a healthier and more comfortable environment for its occupants. The real estate property recently entered into a Performance Contract with Way Companies. The Performance Contract will not only save Bayou Bend Town Homes money but also help reduce their carbon footprint by upgrading the real estate property’s entire central plant.

Way was founded in 1918, and the company has become an innovator in mechanical engineering. The Way Companies experience in the HVAC industry will save the real estate property more than $74,000 a year in energy spending.

The property’s central plant system currently utilizes antiquated equipment that is more than 25 years old. Maintaining the outdated equipment is more than just a headache for Bayou Bend. It is a major cost driver. During an evaluation of the property, the Way Companies found Bayou Bend’s boiler was inoperable, the primary components unreliable, and other machine malfunctions. The defections were ultimately draining funds from Bayou Bend.

The money that was used for repair and maintenance of the obsolete system was money that could be used elsewhere. In the current economic times, property owners across Texas are looking for ways to save an extra penny, and the Way Companies satisfies that need while also allowing property owners to keep their HVAC systems current.

The Performance Contract allows for a complete upgrade and retrofit of Bayou Bend’s central plant system. This will include an upgrade to the space lighting in the plant, remote accessibility, and variable speed drive technology on all pumping systems. The expected completion date is in October 2013.

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