Way 2014 Spring Golf Tournament

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He steps forward and squints to see the ball land just a few feet away from the hole. His entire team shouts some words of encouragement as the next member gets ready to swing. This scene was typical in the morning of the Way Companies Golf Tournament.

The event began a little breezy, but the sun quickly made the day the perfect combination of temperature—not too cold and not too hot. Customers of the Way Companies began to file in early Friday morning with their game faces on—a competitive streak marked their smiles as they said hello to each other. Each team looked ready to take home first place.

Upon entering, they were greeted by Way employees with some hot coffee and breakfast. Tee times began around eight o’clock, but not before teams were checked in and given clean towels and sun block.

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The entire day was a barrel of laughs. “It was beautiful weather, fun to be had by all. A great time to let loose and mingle with customers and co-workers,” said Way Employee, Orlando Garcia, of the festivities.

The day culminated in an award luncheon under Timber Creek’s center pavilion. Jokes were cracked, and an excellent selection of beer, provided by the Timber Creek Golf Club and their staff, flowed all around. After everyone was fed, Way Companies began the award ceremony. There were several awards given to the great people who came out to play. Prizes, which included iPods (donated by XtraLight) and a round of Golf at Timbercreek, were awarded at random while points were being tallied.

There were four contests held, Braxton Spangle won longest drive (Trails), Cody Flughum won longest drive (Creek), Rod MacDonald won closest to pin (Trails), and Jefferey Dewees won closest to pin (Creek).  Trophies were handed out to three teams:

3rd Place: Icason                2nd Place: Hempstead ISD             1st Place: Andy MacDonald

                  Burgholts                                                                                         Rowe

                  Moore                                                                                                 Pallanie

                  Ewalt                                                                                                   MacDonald

As the excitement of the day came to a lull, the tables were cleared and people began filing back to their cars. And that marked the end of the Way Companies 2014 Spring Golf Tournament.

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