Automated Controls Save Money & Energy

In 2007, Texas passed legislation with the aim to provide low-income Texans tools to manage and interact with ‘smart’ meters installed in their homes. The state ordered the three major electric providers to provide a program with “home and business area networks” (HAN), to save homeowners money and energy by giving them control of their energy usage.

Property owners have known about this little nugget for a while. Commercial property owners call this Building Automation Systems (BAS). The ‘controls,’ as they are called, manage and optimize energy use in buildings and facilities. Unfortunately, many property owners have either inherited buildings with out-of-date technology or their BAS have become obsolete. Once a system becomes antiquated the efficiency decreases and cost increases. This is why it’s important to upgrade and retrofit HVAC systems after their useful life.

Schools, health care facilities, and commercial buildings use large amounts of energy, but that does not mean utility bills should be astronomical. Way Companies installs KMC direct digital controls that give property owners peace of mind. The automation system manages the facility, removing the need to make decisions by constantly checking energy usage. These ‘controls’ take a scalpel to a building’s energy usage— cutting down costs.

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