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One year after the Way Companies upgraded and retrofitted Salem Ministries’ HVAC equipment, Salem has surpassed Way Companies’ projected savings of $79,000. Tim Rowe, Way’s Energy Analyst, computed actual savings over $90,000. This comes as great news for a ministry that was confronted with multiple problems due to their equipment.

Salem Ministries began its journey over 150 years ago just outside of Tomball. Today, it sits on a property over 50 acres “which houses a Worship Center, Christian Day School, Early Childhood Center and Community Center including a double gymnasium, and state-of-the-art fitness center.” As the ministry grew, it encountered new sets of challenges. Electricity bills increased, as to be expected with any mass growth, but as time passed and the useful-life of the mechanical equipment was exhausted, the bills only got worse.

Energy efficiency was not at the forefront of the ministries’ priorities but when it became clear their outdated HVAC equipment was a growing cost driver, Salem Ministries decided to forge a solution with Way Companies. Salem partnered with Way Companies in an infrastructure redevelopment performance contract. The project upgraded and retrofitted much of the Ministries’ equipment.

The surplus savings were a pleasant surprise, but it just means the measures and equipment put in place are doing what they were meant to. The Ministries’ success is proof that energy efficiency does indeed generate savings, and Salem will continue to reap the benefits of new, efficient, equipment.

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