Ways to Save in 2015

2 New Years Tweet 2015As 2014 comes to a close, many property owners will close out their books for the year and begin to look for ways to save more in 2015. Here are just some ways that investing in energy efficiency can leave some more change in your pocket.

public6Federal Financial Incentives. The federal government rewards property owners who have invested in energy efficiency by offering tax deductions, exemptions, tax credits, grants, and loan programs.


Texas Map State Financial Incentives. Texas offers property owners special financing and tax incentives for property owners wishing to retrofit and upgrade their properties.



Utility Energy Efficiency Programs. A number of municipal utilities and rural cooperatives also offer energy rebate programs.


One of the benefits of choosing to work with Way Companies is the manner in which we guide each of our customers through the process of applying for incentives. After you ring in the New Year, make sure to remember those bills don’t need to be so high and give us a call.

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