Your Weekly Energy Saving Tip #8


TIP #8

A case for Maintenance

Picture yourself driving down a highway. You hear a sound, but you think nothing of it. Ten miles later you’re broken down by the side of the road, and your insurance is telling you that your car is a total loss. The reason— you hadn’t gotten an oil change in years. Preventive maintenance for your HVAC system is much like preventive maintenance for your car; it can save you money in the long term. Maintenance isn’t expensive when you compare to what you could spend if your system fails. In fact, you could be saving yourself thousands of dollars and a pretty big headache. Put another way, maintaining your system is a good investment because it will ensure your system runs for its entire useful life.

SEE: Preventive Maintenance is a Good Investment

Way Companies offers a wide array of preventive maintenance plans that are key to making sure your system run well at all times.

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