October: National Energy Action Month

October is National Energy Action Month! This makes it the perfect time to shine a light on ways you can save energy and money for your business.

When everything works as it should, HVAC maintenance is not a burning topic in the boardroom. However, once utility bills start to skyrocket —or comfort conditions start to decrease— it can come shooting to the forefront of the agenda. These situations expose just how vital HVAC maintenance is.

Luckily, there are simple—everyday—steps your organization can take to help you cut costs.

  • Change Filters-Regular filter changes extend the life of equipment and reduce energy consumption.
  • Reduce temperature set points-You may be able to lower your utility bills by an average 1% for each degree you lower your thermostat during cool months and increase during hotter months.
  • Inspect ducts-Inspecting your air can reveal if the air is escaping.
  • Make sure leaks are sealed and airways cleared-You might be wasting money if equipment or furniture blocks vents from circulating air.
  • Schedule Preventive MaintenanceContact us to set up an appointment. A Way Companies representative will inspect your system. Preventive maintenance will detect small problems before they turn into a headache.
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