Way Cos. Awarding Van Vleck with "Green Pig" Award

Sales Manager, Tim Davis, awards Superintendent John O’Brien with the Way Cos. “Green Pig” award.



VAN VLECK – Van Vleck Independent School District has been awarded a “Green Pig” Award from The Way Companies for exceeding their guaranteed annual energy savings by $56,000. Way Cos. recognizes their customers whose facilities have exceeded their projected energy savings, and by Way’s definition, transitioned from energy-wasting “hogs” to energy-conserving “green pigs.” Tim Davis, Sales Manager of The Way Companies, presented the “green pig” award during Van Vleck I.S.D.’s September board meeting.

The much-needed program, which extensively upgraded the District’s infrastructure, began in 2010. At one point before the implementation of this program, two classrooms were unusable because of the issues with Van Vleck’s roof, and the elementary school gym had been operating without air-conditioning for decades, making temperatures soar to 90 degrees at times.

The District decided to collaborate with The Way Companies, a Houston-based energy services company. As a result of the project, enough capital was generated to fund improvements and upgrades of the roofing, windows, air conditioning, programmable controls and lighting.

“The program is so successful, I’ve recommended Way to several school districts,” said Superintendent John O’Brien about the savings realized by the District. O’Brien, who has a background in facility management, is dedicated to creating the best learning atmosphere for the students. He has been a strong proponent of the project and the savings and infrastructure renewal it would produce for the district. “Over-driving the energy savings by 171% is a tribute to the Administration and Facilities department,” said Tim Davis about the District’s dedication to energy conservation.

The award came as no surprise to Superintendent O’Brien. O’Brien became the leader in driving the District’s energy education. He has been on the frontlines of training the staff and students. His proactive maintenance of the facilities were a large part of the reason why the District blew their projected savings out of the water. Superintendent O’Brien and his Operations Team ensured systems were shut off when not in use, scheduled and optimized operating controls, and changed the behavior of the staff and students.

Van Vleck ISD’s infrastructure renewal program will fund itself in eight years, as opposed to the typical fifteen years experienced by other school districts in the region. The project has been a success for everyone involved, and the “green pig” award is just one of the many benefits to come.

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