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Utility Data Assessment


Way’s Energy Analysts can uncover savings

The Utility Data Assessment (UDA) is part of the wide array of services The Way Companies provides free-of-charge. The Way Companies’ UDA is performed by an Energy Analyst and it reveals the trends of a building’s utility usage and it also typically uncover anomalies. Energy Analysts meticulously scrutinize a facilities utility bills and compile easy-to-read reports for our customers. The Way Companies have been uncovering savings for customers in this manner for many years. Recently, one of Way’s Energy Analyst was able to notify a non-profit customer about an anomaly in their utility billing.  They were being charged a sales tax on their electricity usage. In Texas, non-profit entities are exempt from the sales tax. This meant that the customer was paying over two-thousand dollars more in taxes a year. As a result of Way’s Energy Analysts, the non-profit was able to obtain a refund from the utility company. The Way Companies have a proven track record of finding energy savings.  Let Way help you and let our Energy Analyst review your bills.

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