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Green Solutions Team

What can the Green Solutions Team do for me?

  • Improve learning, teaching and working environments
  • Fund needed infrastructure upgrades through energy and operational savings
  • Provide turn-key solutions; engineering, design, installation and service.
  • Improve facilities with no upfront capital
  • Provide long-term energy management and maintenance services
  • Guarantee performance and savings

The Green Solutions Team process is crucial to both the interested party, as well as our company. It provides organization, structure and clarity to the numerous people involved. A superintendent explained, “We could have never gotten this passed by the board if it weren’t for your clear and simple process.”

Advantages to the process include:

  • Proven success in getting projects implemented
  • Early understanding of scope, cost and savings
  • Produces a co-authored solution
  • Eliminates change orders
  • Thorough process enabling results and savings to be guaranteed