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Our professional engineers can provide your company with customized design solutions for your facility. We have extensive experience in many types of facilities including data centers, hospitals, schools, plants and more. In-house design/build capability assures you of single-source responsibility and accountability. The time and cost savings for a design/project can truly be significant. The Design Build Institute of America notes the following advantages for companies using the design-build method:

  • Faster Delivery — collaborative project management means work is completed  faster with fewer problems.
  • Cost Savings — an integrated team is geared toward efficiency and innovation.
  • Better Quality — design-builders meet performance needs, not minimum design  requirements, often developing innovations to deliver a better project than  initially imagined.
  • Singular Responsibility — one entity is held accountable for cost, schedule and  performance.
  • Decreased Administrative Burden — owners can focus on the project rather than  managing disparate contracts.
  • Reduced Risk — the design-build team assumes additional risk.
  • Reduced Litigation Claims — by closing warranty gaps owners virtually eliminate  litigation claims.

Integrated building design can improve energy performance and help you reduce the total ownership cost of a facility over the short and long term. Operating and maintaining your building over the long term is another option Way Service can provide. We excel in every aspect of our integrated delivery and always strive for building excellence for you and your facility.