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Way can survey your present lighting needs and costs and determine the level of savings available to you. For most commercial buildings, lighting makes up 35 percent of the total utility costs.

Lighting provides significant benefits, including:

  • Tax rebates, such as EPACT 2005
  • Environmental Benefits, immediately reducing your carbon footprint
  • Financial Paybacks, providing dramatic savings in electricity and maintenance, generating positive cash flow
  • Productive employees, working in proper light levels












Additionally, LED lighting is increasing in popularity due to its energy efficiency, infrequent maintenance and longevity.

Benefits include:

  • 90% more efficient than standard bulbs
  • 50% more efficient than fluorescents
  • Low heat output reduces cooling loads
  • No more costly & frequent maintenance
  • No ballasts required
  • 50,000+ hours of operation
  • Instant on/off